LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Bury differences and build economy


Editor: It is encouraging that our former president, Cde Mugabe, has now decided to bury the hatchet and support the ruling party in unity and peace to recover our economy. It now remains for other G40 elements to see reality in politics, and to also join the rest of Zimbabweans in their quest for our economic recovery.

Prof Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao must stop denigrating President Mnangagwa and see the light. Even if they bark, the caravan won’t stop. Biti and Chamisa must also accept they are Zimbabwean and should also stop their bellicose attitudes in favour of Zimbabwe`s economic recovery.

No patriotic Zimbabwean should support the misguided and harsh US economic sanctions that make ordinary Zimbabweans to suffer. After all, we are all better off when we unite to shame all foreign negatives forces.

President Mnangagwa has called on his opponents to bury all differences and unite with the rest of the people to promote peace and development. We must heed his call and rally behind him.

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof), Harare


Zim needs sanctions busting mechanisms

EDITOR: Let us now embarrass the naysayers with excellent governance. The intransigence of the US legislature is unfortunate. However, we should not let that distract us from the current trajectory of vigorous re-engagement, and the rapprochement with the UK would be an excellent start.

Sanctions busting mechanisms ought to be prudently pursued. The vertical integration of our economy along the four main clusters namely; agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing underpinned by a robust infrastructure rehabilitation programme are essential.

Given the recent upsurge in gold production and the partnership with Debswana, I think we will soon have enough reserves to support a much needed local currency (manufacturing is impossible without it) and coupled with fiscal discipline and a major anti-corruption drive, I see Zimbabwe coming up in leaps and bounds! — Muzambiringa.


Let’s rebuild Zimbabwe together

Editor: It is now time for Chamisa and his cronies to put Zimbabwe first, and stop de-campaigning the country for their selfish gains. Calling for sanctions will only kill the aspirations of the Zimbabwean citizenry.

The MDC should stop being used by the west in destroying the image of the country. After all the west doesn’t seem to care about us Zimbabweans.

It is time to give ED the space he needs to fulfil the work he started 9 months ago. Moreover, it must be known to us all that this rebuilding exercise is a collective effort. We all have a role to play in ensuring that our beloved country becomes great.

I say congratulations to ED, I exhort you to walk the talk Mr President. ED Pfeeeeeee.
Bodo, Harare

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